Oxfam Australia’s Design for Change is a motley crew of designers, creatives and troublemakers who know that good creative work and social justice go hand in hand.

Make trouble, design for social change.

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Discrimination and injustice are major causes of poverty worldwide, and women and girls bear the brunt of it in all aspects of their lives.
As designers, we observe problems and visualise solutions. Gender inequality is an issue that affects us all, and we need to appreciate that our skills can be used to help solve this problem by drawing attention to it. When it #feelswrong, we need to help make it right. Join Oxfam Australia's latest design initiative to fight gender inequality.

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Throughout the year we're showcasing the many ways design and social justice intersect, collaborate, scheme and above all shake up public opinion.
If you’re out looking for trouble, join us for conversations and troublemaking workshops.

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We've hunted down the best designers and creative thinkers to talk about the creative process behind their work. Read more articles about artists and designers who are using their creative skills to help solve global problems.

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